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If you are talking about hunting rifles, there isn't a nickel's worth of difference. UNLESS you're looking at 220 gr RN FMJ for dangerous game. On that one the '06 had the advantage.

If you are talking about target shooting. I think the 308 had the edge. International Shooters found out a long time ago the best accuracy for 30 cal bullets is about 2200 fps. Of course we had to step that up a bit to work the action in gas guns.

Because you don't need the velocity for accuracy, the smaller case of the 308 is more efficient in burning powders.

Again there are exception to every rule, if you're looking to shoot heavy bullets at long range, such as 220-240 grns, the '06 then has the edge.

I agree with the comments about short vs long action. I might want to stick my bullets a bit further out of the case in my 308s so I like the longer action.

Comparing the Army's M24 sniper rifle (LA Rem 700) to the Marines M40 sniper rifle (SA Rem 700), there really isn't an advantage in accuracy between the two.

So really what one needs to determine which is the best, is a coin.
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