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I've always figured that those who offer gratuitous harm/violence to others aren't really human. I don't insult animals; I think of these creatures as being on the order of cockroaches or bot-flies. Screw-worms of society.

Just as one does not like to see a dirty sink or toilet bowl, it seems normal to me to want to rid society of various excrescences. The problem arises when one considers the body of law created by our socio-political system, with the ensuing hassles for would-be janitors. Ergo, I restrain my nobler impulses.

To me, your inherent desire is quite normal. Would that more people felt that way. At the same time, your self-restraint is laudable, in that you coped with the reality of society as it is. Self-control in such a situation is a sign of sanity and maturity.


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