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Some people probably do. I don't. I feel more frustration/guilt over the goblins I have dealt with that I didn't kill maim only because of the legal problems it would entail.

I stopped a guy from assaulting an ex of his [he didn't seem to think she had a right to end the relationship]. The minute I intervened he let go of her. But then he grabbed her purse and took off running with it. I let him go with the purse because from what I know of local laws I wouldn't get away with using lethal force to stop him and figured since the victum new the goblin the cops could pick him up no problem.

Another time I was awakened by a goblin yelling and screaming at a women, that he was hitting [she was already on the ground]. I called 911 and then debated with myself [he had stopped hitting her before I even got 911 dialed] about going out there because I was too physically exhausted to use hand to hand techniques on him and figured unless he did what I told him I would simply have to shoot him [not that I would have minded]. The cops got there and hauled him away...but I still feel a bit of guilt that I didn't go out there myself.
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