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Can't say I have had a bad experience with their customer service, bud. Had a lame buyer bid and win on something I listed, then never paid, and never replied to my messages after the auction ended. Communication was spot on during the auction. But guess it was just some dumb jerk trying to tie up my time. Didn't matter if they got negative feedback to them, I guess. But after 10 days of nothing from the lame duck, I immediately reached out to GB customer service. It was all emails and automated, like OP said, but they weren't lazy about it at all!!

The day I submitted the claim, they reached back out and said they were on the case! They reached out to the buyer but didn't hear a response after five days. GB refunded my listing costs, even relisted it for me hassle-free. Didn't have to lift a finger, pretty awesome. Ironic part about it was that the lame duck had 0 feedback score, but I wasn't picky of who bid on my stuff. Everyone has to start somewhere, right?? I also am not aware of a way to retract a bid from a 0 feedback newbie. I guess I could have put a thing in the listing saying something along the lines of "No feedback?? Contact me first." Oh well, live and learn.

Item sold a few days later, that buyer was "Johnny on the spot" with payment.

I do have to admit, I am on board with the "only buying from FFL with storefront" line.
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