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If that picture was taken in 1945, then it was surely done on some training post in the US where the old style equipment was still in use.

Its probably a pre war or early war picture without an actual date so "circa 1945"

I am not going to subscribe to the Wall Street Journal just to be able to read the rest of what is already shown itself to be a biased point of view.

Anytime I see the phrase "gun violence" (that isn't a direct quote from some anti-gun or other ignorant person) that tells me right away the author's point of view and probable agenda.

Also the use of the term "slide action pistol" tell me that the author does not know correct gun terminology (or does and doesn't use it in order to better understood by a target audience that doesn't know correct gun terminology, either).

I believe that just posting a link with no other comment, question or explanation meets our standard as a "drive by" post, but since a couple of the other moderators have let it stand, I'll take no action.

I've long held that if one were to credit winning WWII to any single weapon/system (which one shouldn't do) then that single thing would have to be the Browning machine gun, and in particular the M2 .50 cal and its variants.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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