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While they are not cheap, the Cooper Rifles are available in Stainless or blued chrome-moly. I can't remember all the model numbers, but MDL 54, MDl92 are magazine fed and customizable to your wishes. They also have a barrel replacement policy. For $125 they will replace and test the replacement.

If I sound like a fanboy, that's because I am. I own a MDL 22M. Called the Montana Varminter. A heavy varmint rifle chambered in 6.5-284Norma.

I always wanted an accurate varmint rifle and this one will kill a moose.

Their new lightweight MDL 92, weighs 92oz, that 5.75lb and comes in any over the top chambering that you can think of. All the WBYs up to 340. All the Nosler mags, The 7mm, 300RUMS, 300, 338 Lapua in a 6lb rifle. There are many other non-magnum chamberings like the 270, 280, 30-06 and their Ackley Improved versions, along with 6.5-284, and the PRC's I believe, not sure about the PRC's.

Worth a browse, anyway. Check out their classic models and Snable stocks along with the Mannlicher models. These are all available in classic rubbed stocks and blued barrels.
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