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We deal with this every year when it comes to hunting bear with dogs. Among the 32 states that permit bear hunting, Wisconsin is one of just 18 that permits the use of dogs to chase bears and hold them in place until the hunter can shoot. Our good neighbors to the west, Minnesota, has never allowed it. But, other than the other popular method of taking bear, by baiting, there is no real effective way to hunt bear. They are not a "spot and stalk" animal here in Wisconsin and we have quite a few of them. I have been along with Houndsmen when hunting bear and the hunt is very sporting, ethical and humane. I have been with Houndsmen while they chase coyotes and I have seen the whole Gambit from one end of the spectrum to the other, including watching a tired and spent coyote being torn to pieces under a truck as the group of Houndsmen urged their pack of "kill" dogs on. Made me sick to my stomach and never went with that group again. Can't blame the dogs if they have scumbags for owners.
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