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I used to have a Howa .25-06 with a 22" barrel. I never chrono'ed it, but it was very accurate after I found the load it liked. I ended up selling it because I also have a .270 and I used them both for deer. IMO the 130 gr .270 loads are better suited for deer than the 100-120 gr .25-06 loads. Not because the .25-06 doesn't get the the job done, but because the lighter bullet often made a bigger mess of the deer, and there was actually a velocity advantage with the 130 gr .270. There's also a bit better bullet selection in .277 caliber. The 130 gr .270 has an MV of around 3100 fps w/ a 24" barrel. A 120 gr .25-06 has an MV of around 3000 fps. So you will have higher velocity, energy, and usually better ballistic coefficient with the .270. The 130 gr 270 will also shoot slightly flatter, but not much.

Another thing to think about if you don't reload, .270 ammo is a good bit cheaper and easier to find than .25-06 ammo.

Where the .25-06 really stands out is varmint/predator hunting. A 75 gr bullet at 3750 fps is great coyote medicine. But it will always play second fiddle to the .257 Weatherby
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