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These are my initial reactions to your questions. Someone smarter than I will add more and better details later.
-If there's such a issue with that length, why do they seem to be the standard length barrels manufactured?
D47: Steel and machining is expensive; someone else's excess powder burning is cheap.

-Are the rifles now manufactured any differently where this isn't as big a deal that it used to be, that seems it could be plausible?
d47: Nope, same issue. You will be hard pressed to burn all the powder in a 06-sized cartridge in 22". My 30-06 with a 22" fireballs a bit as well.

-Has anyone shot the Savage TH-XP 116 in 25-06?
D47: I've shot a Savage TH 11 in .260Remington. It's great rifle. If you're not hung up on quarter bore, there's a host of 6.5 solutions in the 6.5 Creedmore/260 Remington size range that would probably solve your issue.

Happy shooting
edit: oh, and welcome aboard.
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