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One Gun This Year. Which One?

Well, I have a little money from Christmas and was thinking of another firearm. This will probably be the only gun I get to buy this year thanks to the crappy economy, so, no more membership in the gun of the month club. I had thought about another AR, but that is now out of the question due to the price increases.

The gun would serve no purpose other than having it to shoot for fun. What I have been thinking about is another 1911, a Ruger SA revolver or the sweet CZ 75 P-01 I just handled. I've got a 1974 Colt Series 70 1911, a SA Loaded 1911 and a RIA Compact 1911 all in .45acp. I have a CZ 75 and a RAMI, both in 9mm. And, I have a 1955 Ruger Single Six. So, I'm just looking for a little input to see what folks would do in my position.
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