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Congrats all

Son and I can relate to 12gauges' experience first time in my 30 years I had to come back the next morn for one. Son and I got upstateNY Saturday and unfortunately found a 4ptr roadkill in our field, least we think it was, no bullet holes in the front half and coyotes already got the back end.
Up the hill and spotted some does no chance for a shot. Hunted all day Sunday
not even a squirrel - too war mhere nothing was moving. Out again Monday and
hiked to the back side of the hill where my got his last doe 2 years ago,
perfect spot but with all the blowdowns from Hurricane Sandy it was gonna be a tough drag if we got one. Well just before dark I hear him shoot and when I get over there no deer in sight and he's looking for blood. Finally find sign and track it 100yds down the far side of the hill with one sick flashlight (so much for being prepared
After hearing her crash around in the thick brush and light fading we decided to
come back in the AM and hopefully find her bled out. So after another 100 yd
tracking job we thankfully found her. He'd hit her a little low and back prob
just nicked one lung and the liver. With the heat she was already bloating so
dressing was an adventure (argh)
Well at least we got venison in the freezer now.
Congrats again all and best of luck to you all in your future hunting endeavors.
and a Merry Christmas too
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