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Originally Posted by Bob Hunter
I'll have to respectfully disagree with the above statement.
Frames are different between calibers, the frame ramps are cut diffferent in angle and depth.
Bob, I have read this, but I don't think it applies across the board. I have an Armscor slide and somebody's 9mm barrel that I've slapped onto several different .45 Auto receivers with just a change of ejector and it has worked fine on all of them. And I know Colt used to sell multi-caliber pistol sets, with one receiver and two or three slides, barrels and recoil springs.

On the other hand, I know Gary Smith at Caspian says their 9mm frames have a different ramp, and that may be the case. What I found curiously fascinating is that the last frame I bought from Caspian is a "9mm" frame, but it will NOT work with a Caspian 9mm/.38 Super slide and either a 9mm barrel or a .38 Super barrel. The lip of the barrel ramp overhangs the frame feed ramp. Yet when I install the slide/barrel assembly from a Colt M1991A1 in .45 Auto, everything lines up and the pistol functions flawlessly.

There may indeed be a minute difference, but tat clearly doesn't guarantee either that a given receiver will work with a given caliber ... or that it won't.
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