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JC Higgins 16ga - What should I do with this thing?

I recently inherited a few items, amongst them a J.C. Higgins bolt action 16ga shotgun (583.18) that, for reasons completely unknown to me, my father (or someone) apparently sawed the barrel off shorter.

At 19.25 inches the barrel is still legal but I suspect any remaining value to this gun was removed along with the end of the barrel.

The screw that keeps the bolt from coming out when recocking is stripped (and was held in with some kind of tape) and the gun has loads of scratches and dings.

Also there seems to be some kind of a recall that happened on the 12ga version of this model (though I'm unclear if it included the 16ga).

So I'm open to ideas as to what I should do with this thing because it does have a sort-of-cool, post-apocalyptic look sitting on my workbench but I really have no use for a bolt-action shotgun and I'm not even sure it's safe.
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