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I agree - the DHS color codes was just as worthless as tits on a bull. Maybe somewhere in some bureaucrats cubicle they had a sheet of paper telling them what to do if a certain level was announced but for the General Public is meant nothing. No dissiminated plan of action tied to the color codes ever existed.

But wait - oh yea something about duct tape and plastic or was that for getting rid of a body ?? oh hell im getting old i think.

kinda the same for coopers codes - its pretty nebulous -i guess your supposed to feel different at each level. But then I do feel different when i have a client in a crowd than when hes sitting in a secured room - i do feel different when i get into a crowd of arabs then when i do hanging out with my bodyguards

But i didnt need coopers rules to tell me that.

If I tell a student to be "switched on" while on duty and he sees a potential threat he will shift his awareness levels without having to reference a color code. I think my adrenalin takes care of that for me.
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