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I am a Defensive Tactics Instructor at my job and always teach the color codes, but had never heard of Jeff Cooper before tonight. I had to Google them, because I also train being "in the black", meaning condition black. I found out tonight that Code Black is taught in the Marines. I teach my co-workers that Condition Black is a state of extreme panic that results in overreaction or under-reaction. Over-reaction meaning an excessive response, and under-reaction meaning blind panic. They are taught to always be in Condition Yellow on the clock, unless they are focusing on a specific threat/situation or taking action. The only two codes that they actually refer to, and they DO refer to them when debriefing, are "Condition White" or "in the Black". Whenever I'm in a crowd or a public place, I find it incredibly difficult to not be in Conditon Yellow. It doesn't matter if I'm armed. Whether I'm armed or not, I always feel as if I have to be ready to either take action, or get the Hell out of Dodge.
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