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The LCR 327 is my EDC. It's reliable and as others have said, the stock trigger is comparably excellent. I especially like that it's a pocketable six-shooter. I load mine with 85-grain Hydra-Shoks. Felt recoil is indistinguishable from mid-weight .38+p as fired from the original LCR. The effect on water jugs, old canned goods, spoiled fruit, etc.; is more dramatic.

In the LCR, some of the heavier .327 loads start getting obnoxious like .357 magnum. So I save those for longer barrels. I've fired various factory ammo in .32 H&R Magnum. Using the above comparison, felt recoil and results on various media are similar enough to standard-pressure .38 special. They should be okay for self defense but I prefer the lighter loads in .327 Federal.

I've tried .32 S&W Long. It's okay. Recoil is very mild. I get unburnt powder from the 98-grain Magtechs. It's nice that you could use them in a pinch but I wouldn't do it on purpose. The same could be said for the shorter .32 S&W. I actually haven't tried .32 acp despite having it on hand.
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