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There was a book written on this, by a guy up in Alaska, if I recall, and is how I picked up a bunch of tips, a few years back. I can not remember the name of the book right off, and I'll have to look for it, but does anyone know the title? I'm pretty sure the author said his shop was in Alaska.

Anyhow, the book takes you through, step by step, the method I learned to use, including setup, mounting the barrel via a 4 jaw chuck with a spider on the back, at the muzzle end, a rotating oil supply collet at the muzzle, the floating chuck for the reamer, and how to use each. The oil supply flushes the chips back toward the cutter, and out the end, but you have to have an oil/coolant pump with enough pressure and flow to do it, and some lathes already have a good one built in.

Update: The title of the book is:

"Advanced Rebarreling Of The Sporting Rifle".
By: Willis H. Fowler Jr.

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