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Those sliders are great for furniture, but are pretty flimsy. I'm sure they would crack under a safe.
If you had enough of them (maybe a dozen or more) the weight on any one of them may not be enough to damage it. Some of them are 2-3" in diameter for heavy furniture. Also, if possible you might try removing the door of the safe to lighten it some.

Should I try? Or should I just get a smaller safe?
I think it would be worth a try if that's the spot you have picked out. That safe's way heavier than a fridge though (200-500 lbs), so be careful. I helped move an average sized gun safe this past summer and it was quite a load for 4 guys and a heavy duty dolly. We had to build a ramp just to get it into the house. I think professional movers have better transport mechanisms for safes.
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