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I assume you are considering a S&W M&P-15 Sport. That rifle is building a pretty good reputation for itself. They run about $650-699 from what I've seen.

However, consider this. For about the same money (less if you build your own lower or if they are on sale), you can get a Palmetto State Armory rifle that includes a chrome-lined barrel, forward assist, and dust cover (as well as other plusses like a hammer-forged barrel). Seems like a no-brainer to me.
Yes,yes I am..Price,reviews an last but not least..They are a major company who has been around for years and I feel will be around for years..This matters to me because odds are they will be around to honor a warranty if need be...I have 'looked" at Plametto State armory,Del-ton,Core15,Windham,DPMS and while I have ready some great warranty policy's from these smaller companies,I am unsure if they will be around in the future...700-800$ is really my max for the rifle alone

Thanks for all the replies
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