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it all depends on your intended use. there is no place in the united states that requires the use of a dust cover and from what I was told from guys returning from the desert, the dust covers always seemed to trap the finer particulates inside anyway.

forward assists are another pointless feature. if you have a round that refuses to chamber in any other rifle the approved method of clearing the issue is to retract the bolt eject the bad one and try to chamber the next but apparently with the AR you are supposed to use a forward assist to ram the bolt forward and lodge the tight casing in so tight that you have to break 3 cleaning rods and dump a half a bottle of CLP down the barrel to dislodge it. I have never had an issue where i've needed a forward assist and doubt that I ever will.

chrome lined barrels are way overrated in my opinion. for the vast majority of shooters, it is nearly impossible to shoot enough ammo out of our ARs in a lifetime to warrant needing a chrome lined barrel and when the chrome starts flaking then the accuracy takes a nosedive. if you are planning on shooting 1,000 rounds per range trip and doing so multiple times a month then a chrome lined barrel may be a better option but if you are going to be shooting only a few hundred rounds per year then no there is no reason to need chrome.
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