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I won't argue there are other manufacturers out there making super nice and accurate rifles. And I'm sure there are some lemons made by them also. Joe C got stung twice by Remington so I can certainly understand his feeling toward them. I would feel the same way.

I bought my SPS Buckmasters .270 last summer right around the big "trigger" issue and was very apprehensive about doing it. But when I went through every rifle in the store, cycling the actions, dry firing them and looking at the visual quality the Remington stood out because it was probably $200 cheaper then the equivalent rifles. Others that impressed me were Tikka T3's (hunter wood stock model), Winchester 70's, Sako A7's, and others but as I said all were more money. I did not look at Savage because I just can't like the looks of them. They certainly have a good reputation and shoot tight groups but now are as expensive as most others.

After I cleaned my 700 and fired it my previous apprehension vanished. It was a tackhammer and I'm completely satisfied. They possibly got their act together after Joe C gave 'em heck!!!
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