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I too fell in love with the 1917. I will pare the group down one of these days.

I am atahced to the most beat up one, shoots as good as the good looking ones. Kind of like me. Took a licking but has kept on ticking.

I will disagree on the lack of Windage adjustment.

You can move the front sight to get it on at your choice of ranges.

As for the rest, a 2 mph wind blowing from left to right will wreck all the wind-age stuff built into the 19803 sight that you can't see very good anyway.

For all reality, anything past 400 yards (or less if the wind is blowing hard across the sight line) is a guess.

The lift up sight and the peep makes it easy to make those adjustment and you don't have to do drop figuring like a modern scope would need out past 400.

How much did the Coin cost. It would be pretty cool to sell one with each rifle!
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