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100 Year Anniversity of the end of WWI

Found this coin from the US Mint, had to have it to go with my M1917 Eddystone and M1917 S&W.

Its a nice coin, but the rifle looks more like the WWII M1903A3.

Still a good piece to go with my M1917.

My Eddystone was made in Nov. 1918, which means if probably didnt get into battle, Nov. 1918 is a good year for a WWI Rifle.

I like to pick up the orginal field manuels for my vintage US Service Rifles and the M1917 is no different. I have a couple for it including Field Manuel for the US Enfield Rifle, Caliber .30, Model of 1917.

While I'm rambling I might as well keep going.

I found something interesting in this book. As we know in the past the Army developed Gallary Loads for service rifles. Used mostly for the National Guard Units who didnt have access to out door full distant ranges.

This rifle is no exception. In the manuel mentioned. It list, in the ammo section, the Guard Cartidge - E.

This round uses 2nd class bullets having slight imperfections. These rounds are loaded with 9.1 grs. of Bullseye powder giving a velocity of 1201 FPS and works well at 100 yards. The 100 yard range requires the sight elevation to be set at 450 yards. 200 and 300 yards require the elevations of 650 and 850 respectively.

I just read this the other day and want to try it. Except I'm out of bullseye and have to wait tell I get to town.

The M1917 is quite accurate but has the disavantage of not having windage adjustments. The Manual mentioned above has a pretty good Hold Over Chart that has worked successfully for me shooting this rifle in the CMP GSM Vintage Rifle Matches.

My notable feat, or more of an accident, shooting this rifle was at a Maching Gun Shoot at Wall SD. I rented a spot next to a guy shooting a M1919A4. I'm not into auto weapons so I was only shooting my surplus rifles. They had called a cease fire to set out some new targets. One was a fire extinsher which I ranged at 450 yards. After the command of "commence firing" was giving the guy with the 'A4 openned up and fired a full belt at thefire estinsher missing it.

I set the sights to 450 on my Eddystone, took one shot and a cloud of white smoke showed I hit it. The Machine Gunner looked and me and said, "I was shooting AT that", I responded "But I SHOT IT", he laughed and said, "you got me".

I put that gun up. That was a pure accident which I dont think I would repete. The Rifle is capable, but I'm not.

Got to love these old US Rifles. In the accuracy department, they can compete with any of the service rifles out there today.
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