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Figured I'd throw this out there for FN-49 fans.

Right now, S.O.G (southern ohio gun) has FN-49's for sale. They are the Argentine Navy models. They don't include the detachable magazine and are missing minor parts here and there but otherwise just need a bit of routine care and TLC.

Magazines can be had through Sarco.

The gun is going for $749.99 dealer cost, so don't let your local FFL jack you to hard. Now you got the hard facts on the price. Stick it to em.

I figure that ain't a bad deal overall. I've seen complete good to very good condition Argentine Navy models go for substantially more than $1,000 on a fairly routine basis, some even reaching $1,300 or so.

Thought I saw an Argentine Navy on gunbroker recently for about a grand.

FN-49's are sweet. If more people had them they'd realize just how badly they are getting the shaft on modern stuff in comparison. Then again, FN always makes some pretty good stuff.

Heck, it beats paying 9 g's for a
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