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I'm an older guy, former police firearms instructor, police combat match shooter, gunsmith, court-recognized firearms expert and long-time hunter. That said, I try to avoid places where there may be higher than normal risks; dimly-lighted areas, bars, out at late hours for drinks, etc.

Regardless of due diligence, there may be an incident in a careful person's lifetime that may occur, needing quick and effective lethal response. That response may not be necessary at ranges exceeding 5 yards. A very high percentage of defensive shooting situations occur within 5 yards. If a person shoots someone at 25 yards or more with a CC handgun in an urban situation, there will be serious legal doubts about the need to shoot (except maybe for mass shooting scenes, the chances of which are slim and the effectiveness of a pocket pistol questionable, except to call attention to the owner).

So, living in a rural/suburban area of one of the safest states in the union, and being mindful of the chances I'll probably never have to use it, I don't want to carry a gun that feels like an anchor, or is noticeable by people in my party when going out to a restaurant, etc.

Therefore, I usually carry a S&W 642 Airweight in a Desantis pocket holster (front pocket) and am comfortable with it. I can hit a 3" circle at 30 feet and know how to quickly disable an opponent with a moderately-powerful carry gun/ammo.

Being a hunter and having killed hundreds of wild animals, I'm cognizant as to the locations on a body that result in a very quick kill or disablement. When I go hunting I certainly intend to find and harvest animals, but never go out looking for trouble with people. If it comes and avoidance isn't an option it probably won't be a good day for anyone involved.
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