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My longest shot was 86yds with a 5.5" Redhawk many yrs ago now

Eyes are older & the Redhawk has a Burris 1.5X4 on it .

Under the same conditions with my rig , yes I would have taken the shot .

Being raised in the NC coastal swamps firearms exposure came early & when it was time for kinfolk to visit the stashed ammo came out .

We had fun & shot alot . One game was shooting across the feild at an old truck rim, it was fun walking the hits out to it then CLANG someone would have braggin rights as the first hit !!

As my exp increased I practiced more & main 100yd limit for some time !

Then as it is now priorities took my practice time & now I don`t have the eyes ,but I still have the heart & desire.

Congratulations Mystro on the succesful hunt & Great shot !!!

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