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Red Dot Powder

An excellent powder as it is fluffier and fills cases better/more than does Bullseye, W-231, or Unique. I use it in all my pistol loads. Promo is the same as Red Dot, just a bit adjust the Powder Charge accordingly and a 8 pound jug costs $88.00. One cannot use it in the .357/.41/.44 Magnums for full loads--I load to about 1,100 FPS Muzzle Velocity and it does well for that. As with Bullseye or W-231, just be careful not to double charge---place charged cases in a loading block and inspect with a big deal IMHO. This is something that should be done anyway to make certain all cases are charged and filled to the same level anyway. Of couse if you use a Progressive loader one cannot do so. I fing it cleaner burning than Bullseye or Unique.
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