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Mr Glenn E. Meyer

1. Basically, any place where I can find a course which I can leagally take.
I'm not concerned about the location itself because I'm visiting the US for learning gun safety and marksmanship, not for sightseeing this time.
Although I'm thinking about including some 'minor to medium' sightseeing activities, it's not the main focus.
With that said, as for location, I prefer a place where

A. airfare from Japan is reasonable
International flights cost, but a flight from Japan to that particular region is substaintially more expensive than the others, I may search other places.
B. public transportations are available.
Since I won't have a car during the visit, nor can I drive, I would have to rely on train/bus/taxi to move between the hotel and the range.
C. the climate is moderate in February and March.
This is because I'm planning to take 5 days to a week off of my work somewhere around that time if my schedule allows.
D. there is a store which carries items necessary for shooting.
I can purchase them for prices usually substaintially cheaper in the US than in Japan.

2. I'm struggling with this because it is kinda difficult to find information on laws about the use of firearms by foreign individuals,
but this is critical and I'll search more as I narrow down choices of schools.

3 & 4. Thank you for the information. I'll check out schools around that area.

5 & 6. These may be a great resource too. Thanks.
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