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I feel in love with the Omnipotent as soon as I saw it on the cover of Guns of the Old West. But it really is not a SASS legal gun in my opinion. The gun is in no way an original configuration......of anything. Eventhough it is a single action it misses the point of being a 19th century weapon.

Hook, Bisley hammers are SASS legal on Bisley revolvers. However, the rules prohibit using a gun with a standard grip frame and Bisley hammer, something that is not possible to do on a Colt but is possible on a Ruger Vaquero. I have a few Vaqueros that I have fitted with Bisley hammers. They give the shooter the advantage of a shorter, lower throw of the hammer and are some what faster with practice. The rule prohibiting them is to prevent "gamesmanship" and open the door to highly customized guns as seen in other shooting sports.
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