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Some folks use the 12 ga. pump with slugs, and swear by it, but they've not had to depend on it, the folks I know personally, anyway.

The ideal setup is a partner on watch with a magazine rifle, large bore. The other guy can carry the shotgun, fine, but he's not the main event.

The Forest Service investigated what to arm their work parties with up in Alaska, they decided on nothing less than a .375 H&H rifle. The .45-70 and 12 guage didn't make the grade at that time, I think 1980 was the study year.

They didn't look at .416 Rigby either, wasn't an available commercial cartridge then. Wonder what they'd say now?

They needed penetration about 18 inches, no fragmentation, and full energy expenditure in the animal's vital organs, no over-penetration.
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