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I've seen those steel slugs, and my thoughts were that it would be a lot like steel shot. It might work and it might not, though, but I won't be the one testing it. A hard-cast lead slug would be where I'd place my bets. Luckily, dangerous game in NM is pretty much limited to black bear and cougar, and neither of those are very dangerous. I'd trust 1 oz fosters to take either of those without much problem. Cougars are easy to kill, but if they want to kill you, you'd better be in a sensor-filled electrified cage, because you won't see them coming.

If I were going to be spending any serious amount of time in AK or somewhere with big bears, I'd have to get another .45-70. Someone needs to make a pump .45-70 with a tubular magazine that will handle level 2 loads. Until then, the guide gun is a hard platform to beat in my opinion. Granted, bucked firewood logs don't charge very fast, but my unscientific performance testing of .45-70 hard cast 350 grainers on that medium shows that they'll go through a whole lot of pine without much velocity. I've shot fosters at the same stuff, and it tends to stop short and send the pine log tumbling down the hill. Maybe I'll have to get my wallet out and get some of those other slugs to see what they'll do.

Anyone have a brown bear they'd be willing to loan me? I'll sew up the holes.
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