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Slugs in a pump gun. Biggest and hardest you can muster.

The pump gun works fast without having to remove your grip. If you have bear problems it is almost always going to be quick and close. Just about every bear I have ever seen just seemed to "appear" out of nowhere. They are sly and quiet.

I only shot two blacks. Both moderate in size. One was with a BP .54 Lee REAL 380 grain bullet that broke three ribs, tore up the lungs and went a measured 36 inches through the bear leaving a ghastly wound channel about six inches in diameter. It knocked the wind out of the bear and slammed him flat on the ground. He still got up a loped off his last 50 yards. The second bear was a head shot with a Mosin which is darn close to an '06.

My 870 works every time, holds a bunch of 3 inchers, and is relatively short and light. But if weight is no problem, like around camp, an M1 with 8 appropriate .30-06 rounds would be hard to beat, and it too works every time. Both would be a comfort.

A bolt gun seems a bit to slow to work the action. And bears being bears can take a lot of lead if it isn't served up just right.
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