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Yes sir, BP isn't for everyone but there are those who absolutely LOVE it!

Guys who get bit by this bug are tinkerers. They enjoy taking guns apart and cleaning them as much as shooting them... (well almost)! Something about that smell/smoke buning your nose. To tell the truth I admire these guys more than the type that shoot smokless and doesn't clean them afterward, just puts em away.

I had a guy here today shooting BP pistols and he'd never fired one before. (he does have BP long-guns though) He LOVED IT!!! Of course though, it sure helped that all my stuff worked flawlessly without any problems.

After shooting every pistol I own, I made a big batch of biscuits and sausage gravy and I went to cleaning. He jumped on my laptop and went to searching for a BP pistol! LOL!!! Way cool. He's bit.

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