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Originally Posted by BornFighting88 View Post
Brownings are nice rifles. Have only fired a sampling of them once. Was impressed. Nice trigger, smooth bolt throw, handled recoil well. Checked all the boxes. I am just too loyal to Yankee manufacturing and certain other features that I couldn't get myself buy one.

I second Stag, as the better the barrel, the better the downrange results.

Range report to follow, we assume?
I was always hesitant to buy a Browning mainly because of price and that what everyone else was buying but i pulled the trigger and bought a Xbolt hunter in 270 WSM and with my hand loads it groups at .333 inches at a hounded, The browning are very accurate and the craftsmanship is really good, the Xbolt speed has a fluted cerakoted barrel with a factory break and i believe its a 24" and it weighs 6 lb 13 oz
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