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It's tough but it can be done. If you get a manual and a scale, you can weigh individual charges and load some pretty stout loads. Just remember the crimp part though. I found it next to impossible to get the tight crimp you need to hold the bullet in place long enough to allow a heavy loading with the slower powders. FWIW, I used a set of dippers instead of a scale. Lee had/has a set called a powder measure kit which consists of 15 different dippers. You combine the different sizes to get your loading. Eg: one dipper of .3CC and one dipper of .6cc for a total of .9cc. VERY IFFY at best and requires complete concentration as well as double and triple checks. For the time being, I would just be content with loading a decent accurate load, and wait until better equipment comes along. Course YMMV.A frind of mine loaded some 30/30 rifle rounds with a Lee pound 'em in, and took a nice buck in West Virginia. They look and sound cheesy, but they are effective. Did I mention how slow they are ?

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