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Yes -the force is considerableto re-size (if needed for an auto etc) but if lightly lubed it will cope OK(Maybe use an oil-based lube such as LYMAN or RCBS) as I feel LEE'S own water-based is one messy).

LEE LOADER...a highly recommended, low volume, slow but easily transported/concealed "reloader".

Most of us started on LEE Loaders and I still have 6 of them as emmergency backups for the bush or-----when needed

Use a soft hammer-insert and a block of wood and it should last forever. They are AUD $45 here -so your price looks OK to us! Check for rust and scoring as well as over-enthusiastic hammer use on the rod especially!!Sometimes the priming anvil and spring come lose if abused, so it may be wise to check this also.

The LEE 'AUTO PRIME' is also worth a look.

Congratulations and welcome to the cautious and rewarding hobby of ammo assembly.
Remember only to use the powder measure and powder applying to the calibre as this has a 10% inbuilt safety factor.

Have fun...I envy your new horizons of cheaper shooting...and more often

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