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Upcoming VR Competition Shooting Sim!

Range is HOT! is a VR Competition Shooting Sim coming soon to Steam Early Access. Check out the trailer!

We are aiming to become the most realistic VR shooting sim available, and hopefully bring a new generation of shooters to the sport. We're a small team out of Denver, CO., and this is our first Steam VR release.

We've received lots of positive feedback from our beta testers, mostly coming from /r/CompetitiveShooting and /r/3Gun on Reddit. We have more room for beta testers in this week leading up to launch, so if you'd like to join, hop on over to our Discord server and join the (surprisingly constructive) discussion! Once you join, we can get you a free beta access key. (beta testers need a VR setup capable of playing Steam VR games.)

We started with 3gun, as that gives us a good base to develop multiple guns and courses, but we intend to add as many disciplines as possible, so IDPA, USPSA, Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays, maybe even F-Class are all in discussion.

I'd love to hear your feedback, as this community is truly our target audience. Our team of developers was bioengineered in a secret lab deep underground to not have feelings, so pull no punches!
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