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Originally Posted by JERRYS.
anyway of correcting the corruption and errors they made?
Yes, through the courts.

Aside from challenging some of the districting maps on the basis that they are arbitrary and capricious if you look at some of them, a single "district" looks like a jigsaw puzzle on crack cocaine), something that might be worth some discussion is the "one man, one vote," equal representation thing. In theory, it sounds good that each representative in the House from any particular state represents the same number of people. In practice, it can have some strange results.

Some years ago, my state lost a representative. Before that happened, I lived half a mile from my parents, on the opposite side of the same street. Same town. I was in one congressional district, they were in another. In order to balance representation, the people who made up the maps just carved a small chunk off the westernmost portion of town and lumped it in with a few adjoining towns to the west. The result was that my parents were represented by a congresscritter who probably had never set foot in our town, and who didn't care one hoot what anyone in our town thought about any issue.

I understand how and why it happened, but I don't think it's right.
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