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Referring back to your original post, Jersey Joe, A few things come to my mind:
It seems that your rifle shoots pretty well for you with factory-loaded Remington CorLokt ammo. If that's what you will continue to use, then forget about numbers in the books, computer programs, or even chronograph results. It is what it is; live with it and trouble your mind no further. However, there is one important consideration, and that is to go out and verify your actual trajectory with the rifle zeroed at the distance of your choice and worry no more about the way things are supposed to be. It is what it is.

If that's not good enough for you, you could try some of the more premium lines of ammo, or, if you are cut out for it, take up hand-loading your ammo.
Reloading/handloading, .......umm,.... it's not for everyone, but it works for me.

You are probably getting less than 2900 fps with your factory ammo. But if the accuracy is good, then so what? Sure, your 22" barrel could be safely handloaded using optimal powders to get 3100 fps using 130 grain bullets. Maybe even a bit more; but will it be as accurate? Ahh, the quest for the perfect load begins! But where will it end? Maybe never.

I began reloading for the 270 Winchester back in 1973 and still do so. I have a magic recipe for my current 270, but, being hopelessly experimental, I am still dabbling with different brands and weights of bullets and a wide range of powders....There is no end to it except the quest itself.

It's like the prospector who strikes a good gold find.....delighted for the moment, he soon sells it to a real mining outfit, and with a fresh grubstake, continues his quest for the real Eldorado. He's no miner; he's a prospector!

You could just go buy a box of shells, go deer hunting, forget all this non-sense, and bring home some venison. Ignorance really can be bliss. But if you open Pandora's box, you'll find yourself laying awake some nights thinking of some innovative combination of components that you simply must put to the test. As the disease progresses, you'll find that it turns around and it actually can help you to fall asleep if you just stop thinking about what you are obligated to do this week, and simply focus on the loads you will prepare for your next opportunity to shoot. See; have I not warned you?
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