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Actually, "junior", I merely didn't want to bother myself with you any more.
I have much loftier duties to perform. (imperial, elitist sniff!)

The reason I format things properly in my word processor is to ensure this
UBB shade-tree program posts my wisdom in an properly formatted manner.

Should you approach the Staff again, I recommend you learn the proper
address for your superiors.

Mr. Rich Lucibella is the *one*, the *only*, Extreme High Lord

The Right Honorable DC is the Extreme Administrator - addressed fearfully
as "Your Highness" or (behind her back) as, “Omigod! Did you see
*THAT*?” !!!

Other Senior Administrators may be addressed by terms *they* deem
appropriate. TFL members will comply.

I am merely an Administrator. I may be addressed by those TFL members in
good standing as, "Dennis, the Meek & Mild".

Now gather thy performance into a smaller geographical area. Perform
critical acts of inducing immediate and fail-safe readiness to total recall.
Additional repetitive training and inducement procedures may cause
moderate to extreme electrical excitation of specialized nerves and pathways
in substantial portions of your most personal trunk and extremities. So
quoteth the least of the Mighty Administrators!

(rough translation: “Get your act together. Don’t forget or I’ll have your butt
on a stick! Because I said so!”)
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