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"Today at TFL an Extreme High Lord Administrator stated, "i dunno ...", and the supposed impenetrable facade of impotence, errr ... excuse me, omnipotence began to crumble today, after 85 years of dominating the RKBA debate in every domain, legal or not, on the Webnet. As a side note, it has been suspected for years that the high Council of Lords at TFL have experienced unusually long life spans by secret use of the blood banks built up from member dues.
Maybe now we will be able to see some movement in the ongoing debate in the Security Council concerning the right to keep and bear air-powered firearms. Bangladesh has promised to return to the table tomorrow for final drafting of the rewrite of the Second Amendment of the United Nations Bill of Rights and the banning of man-portable EMP Railguns.

This is Wayne LaPierre the Fifth reporting to you from the NRA News Center from Times Square this 19th day of May, 2083."

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