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Originally Posted by std7mag
Taylorce1 has been going shorter & lighter with his builds.
I've been going longer & heavier with mine.
He still puts together some nice builds!
As always there are many different opinions on what ideal rifles are. I don't have time to dedicate to true long range shooting. I like hunting much more than punching paper and steel, but they're a close second. 600 yards capable is more than enough for me and what I like doing. As always I appreciate the compliments on my rifles and builds.

You might want to start investing in Zermatt/Bighorn Origin actions, Savage threads for barrels, interchangeable bolt heads, and Rem 700 footprint for stocks, triggers, and bottom metal options. I've looked pretty hard at them, especially since there aren't a lot of light weight stock options for Savage. McMillan won't do anything other than magnum fill for Savage actions, and Manners doesn't work with Savage short actions. It's getting pretty hard to find a reasonable priced Savage donor these days as well.
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