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I'm having difficulty wrapping my head around the idea of an AR pistol, with a shoulder stock and 7.5" bbl ever being an NFA "AOW".
Any other weapon.
Any weapon or device capable of being concealed on the person from which a shot can be discharged through the energy of an explosive, a pistol or revolver having a barrel with a smooth bore designed or redesigned to fire a fixed shotgun shell, weapons with combination shotgun and rifle barrels 12 inches or more, less than 18 inches in length, from which only a single discharge can be made from either barrel without manual reloading, and shall include any such weapon which may be readily restored to fire. Such term shall not include a pistol or a revolver having a rifled bore, or rifled bores, or weapons designed, made, or intended to be fired from the shoulder and not capable of firing fixed ammunition.

1. If it has a shoulder stock it does not meet the definition of an Any Other Weapon.
2. If the firearm was originally an AR rifle, shortening the barrel makes it an SBR, not an AOW.
3. If the firearm was originally an AR pistol, adding a shoulder stock makes it an SBR, not an AOW.
4. If it was some how originally an AOW, adding the shoulder stock made the AOW an SBR and would require a Form 1 and $200 tax before assembly.
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