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I've met and shot with Kraig.
I've been shooting 50 years,and when Kraig speaks,I listen. ...
I mean no disrespect to you or your friend, but an appeal to gray hair (which I have as well, thanks) is not necessarily an appeal to reason or expertise.

For every wizened old sage in our age group, there are probably a thousand or more grizzled-old-coots, who just spout nonsense. Note the ignorant geezers spouting nonsense about "knockdown power", for instance. Consider also the "young turks" who repeat that drivel. Doesn't seem like youth necessarily confers an advantage either.

Knowing the difference between gold, fools-gold or dirt requires an appeal to something other than age, hence age becomes a non-factor.

Reason, logic, evidence and demonstrable fact are enough. An appeal to something else is a con-man's dodge.
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