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I've met and shot with Kraig.
I've been shooting 50 years,and when Kraig speaks,I listen.
You might consider it a shovel full of ore to pan out,but there will be some Gold in your pan.

He is a Gentleman who gives of himself to help shooters and the shooting sports.

Unless you are older than about 49,real people with real guns were trying to kill him before you were born.He has a lifetime of Military and Law Enforcement experience.The fact that he has survived it is Credibility.
IMO,some have identified themselves as immature disrespectful punks that need to grow up or go back to their video games.Why focus on a typo?

IMO,for a person who carries,the issue of readiness versus staying out of trouble is worthy of discussion.Its good to sort it out ahead of time.

IMO,a coat,jacket,or vest pocket is worthy of consideration.I might consider some form of holster attached inside the pocket,for cleanliness and security.It would need to draw dependably.That would cover 8 or 9 months out of the year.You can always wear a windbreaker in Wyoming!

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