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I used to live in Washington, and belief me, they want it difficult, see they dont have to outlaw hunting, they just make it so difficult and with so much red tape that nobnody will want to take the time to do it anymore, let alone teach there kids to hunt. In a generation it will be almost none existant and when they finally say, "OK, no more hunting" nobody will raise a gripe. Another thing about Washington state is that they let weyerhauser (spelling??) buy over half of the huntable land, he builds all these damm loggin' roads and don't let you use atv's to hunt on them, you have to walk in. Me and my little brother drew a cow-elk tag in a special youth-only hunt and we got one, how far from the paved road you ask???? oh only about three miles. But that was too far for my dad to carry an elk, one quarter at a time. my brother was 13 and I was 11, not much help packing elk. so we snuck our 4-wheelers in and got him out of there. A good area to hunt is the "Rimrock unit" it's about a three hour drive from tacoma, you have to drive over white pass. anyway, dont give up, good luck.
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