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Originally Posted by JK
There are also variations in the length of the receiver ring, and several lengths of action, especially when commercial Mausers are taken into account. Stoeger listed 20 different Mauser Oberndorf actions, with 8 different magazine lengths. It is not indicated how many actual actions there were (as opposed to variations in receiver and magazine box machining), but Mauser, like most other gun companies of the time, would make what a good enough customer wanted.
This is getting out in the tall weeds. The OP's thread is about the pre and post war2 military Mausers.

Originally Posted by Winchester_73
If you have 3 ring types (which are all differentiated by their measurement) then you should also have 3 different ring sizes.
That's the fly in your ointment. There are "3 ring types" not "3 ring sizes". More than one single criteria can determines ring type.
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