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Originally Posted by wpsdlrg
"Intermediate" does NOT refer to the ring size. It refers to the action LENGTH,
Sure it does. The intermediate ring is 35.8mm, the same as the large ring. It just uses a shorter action.

Large ring (35.8mm) models are standard length. The distance between the floor plate screws is 199mm. Large ring Mausers include the G98, K98, K98k VC24, Mex1912 and so on.

Small ring (33mm) floor plate screws are 193.5mm between centers. These include the Serb 1899, Swed 1894 and 1896 among others.

The intermediate ring (35.8) models have the same floor plate measurement as the small ring, 193.5mm. What sets it apart is it has a large ring diameter front ring, 35.8mm like the K98-G98 rifles.

Intermediate ring (length) rifles are the 1924's. FN and Yugo, the exception is the Czech vz24.

wpsdlrg is correct, there are only two receiver rings measurements, 35.8mm and 33mm.

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