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Nope, unfortunately only Limited Edition versions of the LC9S were ever offered in Stainless Steel, and some of the Limited Edition LC9S models with silver slides weren't even really Stainless Steel, but rather a Satin Nickel Cerakote finish over Carbon Steel.

Backwards. The ec9 has almost no finish while the lc9s has a better one.
I'm afraid you're mistaken, the LC9S was originally offered in a Blued Finish, then later productions used a Black Oxide Finish, whereas the EC9S was offered first in the same Black Oxide Finish as later LC9S models, but quickly received a few Distributor Exclusive EC9S models with Cerakote Finishes.

The LC9S did receive a few Limited Edition models with nicer finishes, but the standard models were all either Blued or Black Oxide.

See for yourself...

And for the sake of comparison, here's a list of LC9S models from late 2016:

As you can see, while Ruger did offer the LC9S in a variety of finishes, most of them were Limited Edition models with Factory Engraving on the slides or only had special finishes on the frame.
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