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The SR series was beloved by a lot of people and had been Ruger's main semi auto pistol for 15 years and the successor for it, the American, has not been well received. The SR series is likely to be in a perpetual on/off production cycle and currently it's off because I believe it was brought back as a distributor exclusive and that's likely how it will continue to be produced.

The LC9s is a little different because it got replaced by a model with a cheaper to produce slide, but the EC9s isn't really an improvement or a successor. I was expecting Ruger was going to come out soon with its own version of the P365/Hellcat, but during panics Ruger does not release new models as they're too busy trying to keep up with producing existing orders for existing models.

This is partially why the .327 disappeared for a few years during the 2010s and I'm surprised that the 57 is sticking around, but I figure that Ruger is not going to drop production on a pistol they same year they introduced it.

So, it's interesting, but not unsurprising as Ruger must have been getting a lot of orders from distributors for exclusives and with the gun buying rush they decided to bring the LC9s back for the duration of this gun buying boom that the industry has waited 4 years for.
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